Jul 20 2014

Anonymous said: das obama

Thanks, Buddy!

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Jun 19 2014

Anonymous said: I feel so bad.. I've been cut off from social media for awhile and don't know what happened to Taeyeon and Hyoyeon?



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Mar 21 2014

Anonymous said: Hey do you think you could help explain more on why painting your skin black is wrong? What if the person who did it had no intention of being degrading? Like what if they did it just to be exactly like someone they love and look up to?


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Mar 20 2014



Can someone explain the “You’re dying” and “I’m dying” with Hyoyeon and Taeyeon. I don’t get it.

Did one of them say “You’re dying” to one and the other said “I’m dying”?? 

So Hyoyeon said “you’re dying” to Taeyeon and Taeyeon said “I’m dying”?

it’s something korean people say when they’re in a fight…  one person would say ‘today you’ll die or i’ll die’ like ‘even if it kills me i’m gonna kill you’ something like that. or it can be said in a situation when two people are in a fight and one person would just be so exasperated and tired of fighting that they would say ‘fine. you’ll die and i’ll die’ like ‘fine. i guess if we both die it’ll settle this’ or ’you die and i die. no one is gonna survive this’

yep something like that… hope this helped


Holy shit you’re the best! 

Thanks :) 

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Jan 31 2014

Anonymous said: Erm, about the tags. You can block tags so if you tag it and they blocked it, they won't see the posts. Just saying.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, okay. Thank you.

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Jan 20 2014

annye0ngbitch said: You don't have to signal boost that video anymore, they're in custody!! WOOOP TAKE THAT DIRTY COPS!!

Okay, Thank you so much. :)

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Dec 17 2013

neonasaurus said: Are there any great Kpop Christmas songs? Especially by snsd? 💕

Some old stuff I guess lol - I watched the whole Christmas FairyTale waiting for you !

[1080p HD] 111225 SNSD’s Christmas Fairytale (Full) - No SUBS.

[2010.12.29] 첫눈에(Snowy Wish) - 少女時代 SNSD

[Engsub] Christmas song (크리스마스 노래) - CUBE Artist

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Nov 30 2013

naliyeon said: Your Tae is not gay anon can suck it. I didnt even KNOW who you were and I invited you to NY for SM Town and gave you my other ticket because I had a gut feeling that you were going to be awesome! And I dont regret it. You are super sweet! ILY Sunbae

AWWWWWWW~~~~ That is so sweeet

Hoobae, ILY too

come here tho~~~


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Anonymous said: You think your feigned 'sweet and honey' act is pretty entertaining, don't you? Oh yeah, and make sure you ask her if she's gay once you go to a fan signing event. I'd like to see her reaction. Ciao.

No? I’m actually a good person but you have so much shit in your eyes that you cannot see it. You would love me if I was your friend.  It may look like an act to someone like you but I am a very sweet.



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Nov 29 2013

annye0ngbitch said: You think Taeyeon is gay?! Seriously, me too, I've thought this for soooooooo long, and then when I followed her on Instagram, i would be so cool if one of them were gay, it would make them so much more real, not everyone's gonna be straight, haha. But if SM wants to make everyone believe that, ok lol

I know a lot of people who think she is— too many.  I think she is, in a way, like 50/50. The things she does is willing, you know? Like, if she had a chance she would take it. I want her to surprise me. I do.

Being Korean is a different story.

She has an “ideal type” (In a whiny fanboy voice). She is an idol and people in Korea need to know this. It’s more important to them than her breathing. That’s why Anon thinks so strongly on that when I rarely hear it from her. Sooyoung or Hyoyeon would give you the type of pants and colour she wants her ideal boyfriend/husband to wear.

Yup. Not everyone in Kpop is straight and no one can argue with that. Just gotta be ignorant like SM and unfortunately that Anon who needs a hug. 

 Thanks Ultr-a!


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sadistsica said: In my opinion, I think Taeyeon should be allowed to at least other sexualities if she feels so, and fans have no freaking saying into what she likes or not. Also, it's ok to write/ship straight couples, but same-sex offends BOTH Taeyeon and SONE? Some people shouldnt be allowed on the internet, seriously.

I honestly think that person is a fan boy of Taeyeon’s. This is ruining his fantasies at night so he doesn’t want to feel the heavy gay that Taeyeon seeps out of her pores. ‘Cuz you know he might end up with Taeyeon… maybe… not ever. 

And you’re right. We don’t know what she is. It’s fine if she’s straight. It’s fine if in fact she is gay. I honestly don’t care. It’s just fun. 

If any of the girls do what Taeyeon does I would joke around about it too. 

It’s funny to me and cute. 

The person is just so homophobic that even the jokes are real to them. 

I was going to say that point-of-view but that anon has a very narrow mind. They cannot see the other side of things. Like, what if we are insulting her by calling her straight? 

No one knows for sure. We shouldn’t pry. It’s all for fun in the fandom at least for me. 

But thank you for your view!


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Anonymous said: So if a girl likes a photo on Instagram of another girl in lingerie, that conventionally makes her gay? Or is it just because Taeyeon is famous?


Omg. You don’t give up eh?

You’re acting immature and in denial man. If you can’t admit that she acts a bit more homo than the rest of the girls then I cannot help you at all. 

I already said that I didn’t know her sexual orientation but if I ever meet her at a fan signing event I’ll ask her just for you. 

Do you need a hug? A straight one I’m sure but do you need one?

Peace & love right?



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Nov 28 2013

Anonymous said: Okay. You're entitled to your own opinion (By the way, that comeback is completely obsolete. We're not asking you to change your opinion, but merely, stating our own). But I don't think you fully grasp the concept of being comprehensively offensive to both SONEs and Taeyeon, calling her gay. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with being gay, but it's as if you are decidedly provoking us. The best type of /friends/ is getting to touch each other inappropriately.

Well thanks for that but you come off a bit homophobic. Don’t you think?

You can say that you don’t mind and all but you’re lying. 

Also the other message you sent me is a bit disgusting and distasteful so I won’t publish that. You think people actually go to that extent behind their computers? You seem retarded in that stance. Sorry for the insult but you’re insulting me or whoever does such to make you… sick?

You have an OTP right? Just friends though right? okay. *wink wink*

So all the same-sex fanfic writers AND readers on Soshified and other sites??? That’s a lot of people to hate bro.

I honestly don’t care how you feel or others like you. I don’t see a problem with myself finding Taeyeon a bit on the gay side. Not completely and obviously I’m not sure. BUT SHE DOES A LOT and SAYS a lot of things that a STRAIGHT person like yourself wouldn’t say or do. 

So… I’m not sure how you found my post (In the taengsic tag) which I don’t know what you’re doing in there. Don’t want you to barf and lose your lunch.

You couldn’t follow me so live your life and I think you should reconsider how you think about gay people. I found it funny you said peace and love because you’re everything else but that. 

Oh, you forgot these on your way out. 



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Nov 27 2013

Anonymous said: lmao. taking her quote about not needing a bf seriously is pretty stupid. she's an idol, she's not gonna actually straight up say anything regarding to that. she's been linked with guys the 2nd most and she has actually talked quite alot about guys, more than most of the other girls tbh esp on chin chin,but obv people like you decide to ignore that and insist eveything she does is gay.

Awwwwwww someone is upsettttttttttttt???????????

I like your glasses. 

Anon, the leader of SNSD has been linked? lol so what? To DBSK leader n the leader of Suju? What a coincidences!!! 
She talks more about guys than my dear Hyoyeon? Ya sureeeeee??
Does she seriously initiate the conversation about ideal types? pwaha

Don’t get so hostile because of someone’s opinion that I have every RIGHT to k? 

TaengSic is merely a joke for everyone. 

But just for you I would really be surprised if she marries a guy. But who am I kidding? She’s from homophobic racist S. Korea. :)


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Nov 26 2013

neonasaurus said: Okay here is my not so serious but kinda theory about why Taeyeon brushes off Jessica, but Jessica seems to keep trying. Jessica had fallen in love with Taeyeon over the brief time they had spent together. Taeyeon's childish ways were cute to the nurturing Jessica. Jessica told Tae of her feelings for her and Taeyeon, although liking her back, got angry and started ignoring her. Homosexuality isn't accepted in Korea as it is in America. So Tae tries to ignore Jess but Sica keeps trying.


come on you got it alll wrong~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


It’s the other way around.
Jung is the girl who goes out with guys (Taecyeon) and who is the girly girl (stereotype yes but bare with me). 

Taeyeon ON MANY occasions said the most gayest things I’ve ever heard as a female kpop idol lol

even in the radio show, she said she sang to someone special and not to a guy. 



My theories are either they’re secretly going out and we have a side track cover up with TaeNy or Taeyeon hardcore ignores her because she likes her and Jung just doesn’t get it.

OORRRR  OR Jung said some Jung things to sensitive (maybe ill) Taeyeon and Taeyeon cannot forgive her. 

1) I don’t get why they just don’t even talk a LITTLE but I know that Taeyeon seems like a straight up person and won’t loosen up with her tightass self.

2) I don’t really get why Jung out of ALL the members seems to keep trying.

3) Not even talking for the sake of the damn group and fans seems even more weirder than a regular end of friendship situation.

4) I never get why ppl say it’s not Taeyeon fault when you can clearly see she’s not even looking Jung’s way. NOT EVEN TRYING- NOPe NOpeeeeEE!

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